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  • Phil Hansen

Mark makin' with Bacon

The Video:

The Story:

Back in early September 2016 I purchased a pack of bacon. I wanted to test an idea. To cut apart bacon into it's varying shades and try to use them to make a picture. Here is my test.

I'll admit I was pleased with it. So I promptly went and bought 36 pounds of bacon and got to work slicing it apart. As I was doing this I was also testing to see how long it took for the picture to mold and decay. All the divided bacon was sitting in the studio fridge as I waited. 1 week. 3 weeks. 1.5 months. But the eye of bacon never rotted, it simply dried up and became jerky. I was at a loss as I was really counting on filming the rotting process.

The bacon sat in the fridge until about a week ago when I decided it was "now or never". I quickly created the image of Trump. I was still hopeful I would be able to watch it rot as much of it had turned a greenish color in the fridge and parts were starting to mold. But the odor was causing blistering headaches and so it went into the dumpster.

Good times.


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