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Expressions: Update March 2019

Asking oneself “who am I?” is something we all do but in today’s culture you could imagine some people having multiple answers for who they are depending on where we are talking about.

When I looked in the mirror a few years ago I asked myself a slightly different question, I said “Holy shit, that’s me?!”. This has happened many times to me; confused by the person in the mirror. It’s me, no doubt, but it’s not who I feel I am. In wanting to get to know this exterior me I have taken it upon myself to create a series of portraits that will take many years to execute. The plan is to create the 21 human facial expressions that psychologists says we are capable of. To do this, I’ll create 4 large portraits that together create an animation of each expression. In the end there will have been 84 self portraits made within the series.

Here's the latest expression, Happy.

This expression series is part of my Goodbye Art 2 series and each set of portraits is being systematically destroyed. When the 21st expression is created you will be asked to decide if the final expression should be destroyed or not. That is expected to happen some time in 2020.

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