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Sitting in our future alone

A DSC02134.jpg

Sitting in our Future Alone (aka Skull Chair)
Boards, Glue, Screws
5 x 5 x 5 feet

Creating a space that captures both the beauty of the natural world and simultaneously the horrors that our collective human future holds was challenging. Ending up creating a chair is something I never would have suspected. I’ve never built a piece of furniture before and beyond the obvious engineering challenges was the question of “Would the creation cause the experience I was wishing for?”.

The feeling of entering this chair is like few others. When you approach, you are confronted with the fragmented face of the skull. The sharp edges, the delicate zygomatic process and the beautifully curved empty eye sockets are ever present.

A DSC02114.jpg

It is then that you must drop to all fours and squeeze yourself under its jaw and twist your body around to find the seat. Then a different experience begins. Inside you find a 360 view of natural wood, a place to rest your drink, the outside lights create a soft muted glow inside, and your voice bounces back into you making you more self aware.


Whether the work provokes the viewer to imagine beyond the 24 hour cycle of life or is simply a quiet refuge from the outside world, I’ll be happy.

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