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New text art project - Join by texting "art" to 31996

Update 02/27/2017

The project is getting underway! It's a massive undertaking and I will probably be working on it for a few months. The pic below was taken as I began getting the image planned out. I should have that part done today and after a bit of other prep I'll probably get started with writing your stories on Friday. - See below for a little bit of info about the project.

Posted 02/24/2017

If you are not familiar with my written art, it goes like this. I ask a question about your life and you share a story. Then I write all of those stories to create an artwork. This is a photo from my last project called "Refraction".

If you would like to be a part of my next project it's super easy. Text the word "art" to 31996 and you will get my question. Simply respond with your story and that's it. (If you don't live in the United States, hang tight and I'll give you a place to share your story in a bit.)

Join the project! I'll keep you updated here.

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