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  • Phil Hansen

Exploding Art Supplies

I work with so many different materials that sometimes I lose sight of the beauty in the material itself. Looking for a way to simplistically view it has always been in the back of my mind. Recently I saw a photo of a bomb exploding in the air of a war zone overseas and the moment was captured in a way that felt both frightening and invigorating. Since I often see random supplies with excitement and fear I decided to mimic the look of the explosion with materials I have previously used.

There is a pic at the bottom of this post that shows a smidgen of behind the scenes.

Pine cones

Shards of Records.

Doll arms and legs.

Dollar bills wrapped around cubed wood.

To take the pictures I would lay on the floor with a material in the plastic bin. I would shove/throw it straight up in the air and it would get photographed.

In this pic the shards of records are coming back to land on me.

Good times.

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