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  • Phil Hansen

A Smashing Good Time

This project has a little history to it.

Years ago I received an email from a fella who said he had a bunch of records in the garage he needed to get rid of (spouse was requesting) but he didn't want to just dump the records in the trash. He emailed and asked if I could find a way to use them. Naturally I said yes. Then a few weeks later boxes upon boxes of records show up at my door. I immediately felt worried that I wasn't going to be able to create something good enough to match his gift. So I sat on the records, literally and metaphorically. I sat and stared at them for what ended up being years. 6 years.

It got to the point where I couldn't bring myself to even look at the records. I felt bad at the money he spent. I felt bad that I hadn't used them. I felt embarrassed that I hadn't used them. I was ashamed I never had an idea good enough to make me use them.

This summer I was moving into a new studio space and again saw the records. I talked with some people about the records and they said "seems like the problem is all in your head" to which I replied "damn". They were right. I decided then and there I would make something and treat it like a normal endeavor. The results are what you find in the video above.

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