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Your story is now being written.

December 4, 2017

This project has now finished and will be posted in the next few weeks. If you have participated, thanks so much and I really look forward to sharing it with you. 



Please consider ordering the book here! This experience of reading and sharing stories has been such an amazing experience. I find many more memories from my childhood sparked by reading other people's stories. Trying to find a way to share this experience with others has resulted in compiling the stories into book form. Naturally, names and dates of a sensitive matter will be changed but other than that they will be unaltered. 



The stories span quite the range: 

- when i was 7, i walked out to my swing set to find a snake curled up under my swing. i was scared and couldn't swing. i asked my uncle (who was watching me) to do something about it but he was scared too. so my uncle played barbies with me. it was a good day.

- when i was seven years old i calmed my hysterical aunt in a carl's jr parking lot while my sister was being born and my uncle was just arrested.

- my grandmother lived up the hill from a candy store. one day i came outside to find my older sister and my cousin sitting in grandma's gravel driveway, eating the biggest sweet tarts i had ever seen - they were palm sized. and they wouldn't share. i asked where they got them and they told me they had found them growing in the gravel. one by one i must've moved every rock in that driveway, ending up with bloody fingertips before they fessed up. i told my own kids that story nearly ten years ago, and they still hold it over my sister's head.

- i missed the olympics that year. the soviet union boycotted the games and there was no official coverage of the event.


Below is Section 8A


Below is Section 8B


Below is Section 8C


Below is Section 8D


Below is Section 8E


Below is Section 8F


Below is Section 8G


Below is Section 8H


Below is Section 8i


Below is Section 8J


Below is Section 8K and 8L


Below is Section 7A


Below is Section 7B


Below is Section 7C


Below is Section 7D


Below is Section 7E


Below is Section 7F


Below is Section 7G


Below is Section 7H


Below is Section 7i


Below is Section 7J


Below is Section 7K

Below is Section 7L


Below is Section 5A


Below is Section 5B


Below is Section 5C