Hello everyone who was at PCMA! Even if you didn't catch my talk about embracing limitations as opportunities, I'm sure you saw the reveal of the artwork that was created! I had such a great time chatting with everyone before, after, and while in line at Starbucks (funny how many of us passed through there). 

Thanks again for having me at PCMA this year and I also wanted to share this video with you. After my talk one attendee and I spoke about creativity as we age (the good and the bad). I had recently been asked by someone else "do we get less creative as we get older?" because that person was envious of how creative kids are. This video digs into that topic and reveals that we actually have a higher potential for creativity as we age! I hope you enjoy the video and enjoy the rest of your summer (I live in Minnesota where summer lasts 3 months) so, I'm off to make the creative most of it!

Thank you again to the entire PCMA team who made everything possible! And a special thanks to Tim Mathy from Speak Inc who brought PCMA and I together.

Booking! To bring Phil (me) to your next event please contact Tim Mathy at Speak Inc. 


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