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Hi everyone from the Leona Group. I had such a great time last week working with you all on the artwork! 

It came together as you can see, to create a picture of Rosa Parks! The image to the right is zoomable so you can dig in and look for your drawings. 

Again, I think this experience was such a great reminder of how everyone can contribute to the larger whole. 

I have one last thing I'd like to share with you regarding the topic of creativity. It's very common in our society for people to see kids as more creative than adults. But I've begun to see things quite differently. Please check out the video below! 

Thanks again for taking the time to listen to my story and I hope you can find your drawings in the artwork!

Thank you again to Lorisa Pombo for bringing me in!

And thanks to Ryan Griffen at Premiere Speakers for connecting all of us together! 


Phil Hansen

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