Hi everyone who was at the marketing retreat a few weeks ago! I had a great time hanging out in the room listening to everyone else share their ideas and perspectives. And it was such a blast to reveal the image you created with all of those fingertip impressions. 

One of the underlying themes of the presenters that day was how kids see the world in a more fluid way, less structured. Many people think of kids as more creative than adults but I don't believe that's true. This was a topic I explored in a Q&A video that I want to share with you. --------------->

Thanks again for having me at the retreat this year! I hope you enjoy the video and enjoy the rest of your summer (I live in Minnesota where summer lasts 3 months) so, I'm off to make the most of what remains!

Are kids more creative than adults?

Thank you again to Shannon for bringing me in!

And thanks to Jenna Jorge at Goodman Speakers Bureau for connecting me with everyone at Fox Marketing! 


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