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Recent Audience Feedback

The feedback below was given directly by audience attendees via texting.

Risk Management Group

From the President: "We were thrilled with your presentation. Your art is so thoughtful and contemplative that the message is powerful. The art giveaway was an unexpected fabulous gesture. Keep doing what you do!" 

1. I think your presentation was awesome if my little girl could've seen it she would've been fascinated she loves art

2. Really enjoyed it. Appreciate your amazing talents.

3. Excellent. Creating what I want has been very helpful in my career. At the same time it may now be my down fall or as you pointed out, my new beginning. A very important conversation. Peter.

4. Thanks Phil! Loved the talk and the art. Do you have any art you send to elementary schools for their art classes? My children's school would really benefit from this art and the unique perspective!

5. Great talk, Phil. Often seeing a keynote's bio one wonders how the talk will integrate with the risk management discipline. Your presentation wonderfully presented the concept of resource limitations being a reality, but solutions are still available if we discard limiting beliefs. Thank you for your enlightening perspectives!

6. Excellent, informative, inspirational and super dynamic presentation today at our PARMA Conference!! Thank you Phil!

7. Thank you for the inspiration to think bigger

8. Very inspirational. Kudos to you for your insight to change your perspective yet still pursue your passion for art. Good luck to you.

9. I enjoyed your presentation this morning. Very inspiring.

10. I was able to walk away with the following awesome nuggets: Think outside the box but work within the box "It isn't the mountain ahead to climb that wears you our it's the pebble in your shoe." Muhammad Ali Identify the obstacles in your life and work on a solution to work around and through them. Embrace then limitations in your life. Seize the limitation. Great job Phil!

11. Awesome- our coe is involved in an initiative with significant engagement with native Americans. Any chance to get a copy of the large artwork you gave away if there are extras

12. I really enjoyed it. You were not the typical speaker. Very inspiring and enlightening.

13. Truly. TRULY. Enjoyed it.

14. Very inspiring. As the father of a daughter who is an artist (graphic designer) and another daughter who is a veterinary student who also has Trichotillomania, I found the presentation very personal

15. Hi, Phil here! Here's the link to the PDF. Hope it proves helpful in some way.

16. I enjoyed and appreciated your talk very much. The use of photos, video and live presentations of your art was perfectly utilized. After the presentation I was actually inspired to quickly outline a management presentation I may give at some point in the future. The only thing that would have made the presentation any better for me would have been to be able to secure a piece of your art. I don't think the giveaways could have been different unless you were will to giveaway 750 pieces of your art for free. Thanks for sharing your story and triumphs

17. I really enjoyed your talk and your message! I look forward to moving past my self limiting beliefs.

18. Great. Very useful in these challenging times. 👍

19. Amazing!!!

20. Thank you Phil, resizing moments of change, 2 minutes walking out the door after your talk was a message from my mom looking for help from 30 minutes before now finding out she was having a heart attack. Life is fluent, your talk and art helps give perspective when needed confronting big things or navigating through moments.

21. I thought it was great. I attend a lot of conferences and am a bit tired of the "overcoming adversity" theme, but this was different. I really enjoyed the true focus on the ways in which you could shift your focus to a more productive effort. And especially the recognition of actual limitations that exist without having to be limited by them. Really well done!

22. Excellent and inspiring

23. Awesome presentation! Your talent and ability to translate it into help for others is inspiring, THANKS!

24. I really enjoyed your talk. It was very applicable and interesting. Never knew you could make art from chewed up food. I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia which took 3 years for doctors to figure out. So I am trying to maneuver life being 52 years old with a 6 and 14 year old. So thanks for the talk. Loved the art. Connie

25. Kudos! Great job! Only takeaway bad cell service.

26. Loved your presentation and Art! Wish o would have won!

27. I appreciated the analysis of limitations especially those we place on ourselves. Very inspiring and informative.

28. I love the talk; I truly would love the I the greatest photo for my dad who is the biggest Ali fan.❤️

29. Inspirational message! Your delivery kept us engaged and all of the clips and stories were thoughtful. I got one of the large posters and I'm so excited to get it up in my house. In gratitude, Amy

30. It was great. Very motivational.

31. Great presentation overcoming obstacles.

32. I thought you speech was inspirational and I loved the art. I was lucky enough to snag a poster my husbands 5th grade class will love it

33. Refreshing and engaging. A departure from typical " business inspirational".

34. Wonderful experience! Unforgettable. Left with some great insight.

35. Fantastic! Great delivery. I'll definitely be checking out your artwork after today's exhibits

36. Great presentation-the artwork u create is awesome-but even better is the thinking u display to put abstract ideas into action -great reminder that the Brain is a muscle that needs exercise (:

37. I have to say you're one of the best presenters I've ever heard and I attend a lot of conferences! Really inspired and you truly have a gift!

38. I go to a lot of conferences and hear a lot of speakers. Your talk by far was the best one yet. I appreciate your perspective and the fact you are trying to have the group walk away with some type of meaning or learning. Your talk was very much appreciated. The art give away was slow very generous. Thank you. Ross

39. It was so great! My sister has seen you before, my husband had seen you before and so when he told he you were speaking today I jumped at the chance to come too. Your presentation was inspiring and motivating and you are SO talented!! Thanks for sharing those talents with us!

40. Really enjoyed your talk. Your talent is unbelievable.

41. Dear Phil, I enjoyed your speech tremendously! You are an incredible human being! Thank you for your art! Extremely inspiring! Please, DO NOT STOP!!!

42. Really engaging presentation, and good food for thought!

43. I really enjoyed your presentation it was very motivational!

44. I found your story and artwork fascinating! Wish I would have been one of the recipients of your giveaway;-) Great job!

45. Great presentation. Very entertaining and good message.

46. Amazing presentation today. Thanks for sharing your passion and life lessons.

47. It was a very interesting topic. I enjoyed the story and insight and art. Wonderful. You are a talent.

48. It was amazing, one of the best keynotes I've been to in a while. Excellent work!

49. Great presentation. Applicable to all disciplines

50. Very unique, interesting, and inspiring! Your art is incredible!

51. The talk was great. It was interesting to see how you overcame the obstacle that was preventing you from continuing to paint. Your ability to change how you viewed painting and changes you made to continue will encourage others also to think outside the box to pursue a goal when something happens that may end that dream

52. Hi Phil! Awesome presentation! I loved how you weaved your story into an inspiring message. The art, the drama, the stories were intense and passionate. You gave it with calm confidence but with tenderness, expectation and encouragement. I loved the spiritual application. The person and their story is a work of art ready for exploration and exhibition even for just once. Disappointed I didn't get a poster, but your inspiration will stay with me a long time. Loved, loved, loved it. May you inspire many to greater heights and greater love, and may you feel the love of the One who gave you this special gift.

53. It was a great talk. You are a very talented artist snd quite motivating to not let your "disability " take over your life but rather you take over your "disability " and bring positivity to a lot of young people.

54. I truly enjoyed your speech and am so glad to see you found an alternative method to creating art, you are a wonderful artist. When you spoke about limitations and self limiting beliefs, it hit home with myself and my 2 adult sons who are still finding their way. I cant wait to share your words with them in hope's they will look at their situations in a different light. Thank you!

55. I really enjoyed your presentation this morning! Thanks for sharing your work and showing us your artistic talents!

56. I loved it.

57. Great job as a speaker and very talented artist!

58. It was terrific and inspiring. Thanks for changing my outlook and perspective in order to be an over comer! Great job Phil!

59. As a thinker out of the box (that I try to be) you are a guru! Really appreciate the doors that you opened in my mind.

60. Really enjoyed it. Appreciate your amazing talents.

61. I thought your presentation was fantastic! I'll be recommending to the city manager we bring you in for one of our quarterly manager's meetings.

62. To watch you touched me at the core. My mom just passed, she was an artist and art consultant to the Oxnard SD. At 95 she still loved and like you lives art deep in her sole. Your passion reminded me of her and brought joy to my heart. So Thanks!

Financial Services Company - Client included the art experience

1. I found your presentation to be truly amazing. I am so impressed with your artistic ability. You are so creative. It caused to me to really stop and think about my obstacles. You asked us to write it on a tiny piece of paper and that was hard for me. I wrote down self-doubt, but my wife says I am the most confident person she knows. I still feel a lot of self doubt, but maybe I do a good job of hiding it. I am sure I have other obstacles and now I look forward to finding those and embracing them. Thanks.

2. Phil, Really enjoyed the session. I passed on to my family that we need to view roadblocks/walls/limitations as opportunities to be creative and embrace change. Thanks for sharing.

3. Phil, I enjoyed your presentation and the interactive art project was unique. I would like to have heard more about the personal emotional toll and how you paid the bills during your evolution triggered by your "limitation." The crisis and survival skills. You're very cool and so is your art

4. Awesome and inspiring! I call your talk: Making Lemons into Lemonade! Thank you

5. Awesome presentation and amazing creativity thank you

6. I think your foresight on your art is simply amazing and ingenious. I truly am awed in your ability to be able to visualize your final result while starting so far away from it.Your presentation was fantastic and the videos were crazy to watch

7. Hi! I'm a middle school teacher... I loved your presentation and I'd like to share your video with my students.

8. You were excellent and brought it all together nicely. Flowed very well and kept me engaged. Art is soectacular and your talent is unique.

9. Fantastic message and incredible presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

10. Thank you for your inspirational talk. The advice to step back and change your perspective is priceless. My daughters are artists and it amazes me how they can see the vision even before the start. The karate chop video was that same way to me. Great talk and message about perspective and fragments making something bigger.

11. I think you did a great job. You have God given talent. Continue to use it to make a difference!!! Change people's lives!

12. Hi Phil, I have followed your website in your artistry for a decade? I don't even remember where I first heard of your art, but LOVE it. In a laptop crash, I lost the website and touch with your artistry. As you started talking, I thought to myself "wow your story sounds really familiar…" only to realize I knew your art. Your story is stunning and beautifully redemptive. Having a part of one of your pieces, and being able to create art "with" you have been a truly memorable experience. You did a wonderful job presenting- mixing both your own story along with the videos of your art and the stories of others who have been impacted by you. We as adults don't always have an opportunity to do something we are not great at...and then have someone laugh with us in the process and then make beauty out of our mediocre-ness. So appreciate you- your story and your art. I look forward to watch what amazing things you do as you expand your platform.

13. Thank you Phil. I was totally impressed and inspired by your talk. I have seen so many crippled by self limitations. I must confess that I also find myself lamenting all the ways in which I failed. But as you say, the perceived limitations are only an opportunity to be more creative. So Thank You for reminding me .... "Why not Me!"

14. It was amazing a powerful. You blow my mind.

15. I love the connection/ analogy you made on the day you presented the final artwork. That part where you focused so closely on the individual pictures and then as you pull back you see the complete work . Like our day to day actions and how they seem insignificant then you " pull back" and look at your life's work and see the " big picture". That resonated with me

16. Awesome motivation and inspiration about overcoming obstacles. I found your view on life and art amazing as well. Fantastic work

17. I found your presentation to be both interesting and inspiring...keep doing what you're doing

18. I found you motivational, your art to be unique, spectacular and inspiring. Engaging and bringing the audiences into your talk as well as our attempts at art to life, was something that I will always remember and I have already shared with so many people.

Association  - Client included the art experience

1. You were fascinating. ☺️ and incredibly talented.

2. Thank you for the presentation and showing us your passion for art! It was really interesting to see through your eyes how much possibility is out there to create and overcome. I felt lighthearted and inspired to try and bring some of my limitations to light and see exactly what I can do to get passed them. You're time was much appreciated :) I hope you have a very lovely day!

3. Your talk yesterday was very inspiring. I was lucky enough to grab one of your connect the dots. Bummed you had to leave early but completely understand. You opened my mind to really look at the big picture and what I want that picture to be. Thank you!

4. It was very inspiring and you are a VERY talented person!

Credit Union

1. You were fascinating. ☺️ and incredibly talented.

2. Thank you for the presentation and showing us your passion for art! It was really interesting to see through your eyes how much possibility is out there to create and overcome. I felt lighthearted and inspired to try and bring some of my limitations to light and see exactly what I can do to get passed them. You're time was much appreciated :) I hope you have a very lovely day!

3. Your talk yesterday was very inspiring. I was lucky enough to grab one of your connect the dots. Bummed you had to leave early but completely understand. You opened my mind to really look at the big picture and what I want that picture to be. Thank you!

4. It was very inspiring and you are a VERY talented person!

Financial Services Company

1. Absolutely mind opening, refreshing and brilliant. Thank you!

2.Phil, your presentation spoke to me. When you put up the slide, "limitation vs self limiting belief", I felt that opened up my eyes. That's life right there in one slide, in 4 words. ☝️ I also downloaded your pdf. I look forward to using that on the daily. God bless. Thank you for sharing your story.

3. Your talk was incredible and inspiring. In truth, there is no limit to what anyone can do if they will believe in themself and shake off their self-imposed limitations. That includes creating art. Just a matter of trusting one's instincts and practicing spontaneous creation. Practice! My 14 year-old son is battling muscular dystrophy, a terminal disease, yet he makes straight A's in school, plays synthesizer in his school marching band, plays clarinet in the school wind symphony, solos in the school choir, excels in school business society competitions, does drawing and art, does theater, can style his mother and sister's hair, and can write fantastic fiction. A real testament to destroying self-limitation.

4. Thanks Phil, your talk was motivating and entertaining! Perfect way to end our meetings. Thank you, your so talented!

5. It was great! You are so talented!

6. Amazing presentation! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your art!!

7. Loved the talk, the videos and the message.

8. My second Phil Hansen experience and what a treat! Very relevant, inspiring and thought-provoking. A fresh perspective on the power of the mind and harnessing limitations in order to spark creativity!

9. Phil your talk today reminded me that change works and pushes you to decide how you will embrace it: let it limit you or let it test your limits. I noticed you used different ethnic groups in your art, what drives you to be stretch your imagination of focal points?

10. Hi Phil, it was good to be reminded that we should see past our limitations and that what we see as limitations can be great opportunities. I think that we all forget that in our day-to-day struggles. Thanks for coming to talk to us

11. Phil, enjoyed the talk. Keep creating and destroying.

12. Very inspiring speech! You are a very talented artist and I enjoyed your work. Bummed I didnt win a poster!

13. Truly inspiring!

14. Awesome and inspiring. I wish my 26 year old daughter could have seen you speak today.

15. Phil, thank you for the motivating presentation. I could have been one of the 1,000 you interviewed. See I lost my wife to cancer a few years ago and was left to raise two teenage by myself. Doing that while holding down a very demanding corporate job has brought me to my knees. I've lived in the why me world for awhile. I'm also a woodworker and one of my daughters is an artist, so seeing your work was a treat. Those joys have been a great outlet for us. Are the posters you had available for sale on Amazon? Thank you

16. Inspiring and much needed based on our recent organizational changes

17.Thank you for taking the time to share with us today. You were gracious enough after your time to speak with me about my teenage son and his interest in art, and your advice was truly helpful. You have an amazing talent and thank you for sharing it with us!

Logistics Shipping Company

1. You were great! I really enjoyed your presentation

2. Hey Phil. Your presentation was well done. You are so talented and your message about seeing beyond your limitations is one that brings hope. My best friend is a high school art teacher and I grabbed one of your tubes to give her so she can teach her class about you. I've been with PB for 21 years and your keynote speech is my favorite of all speeches over the years.

3. Phil, I am the guy that asked you about Sarah when you got off of the stage. Everyone I spoke to during our lunch break said that they were very impressed with your presentation, me included. I grabbed one of your pieces of art that you left for us. Thanks for everything.

4. Incredibly inspiring- applicable life and work lessons- what a moving session- I did not know what to expect and I was truly enthralled - AMAZING ART and perspective - great flow and mix of talk/video/activity- cool touch that we helped destroy your art!! Lol - in one word: IMPACTFUL!!!

5. First thought is wow! I found your speech was very inspiring. I sent the links and spent time explaining your message to my daughter who is currently struggling in her first year of college. She was amazed and I will spend additional time looking at and showing your work to my other kids at home. Your story is awesome and very inspiring, I too suffer from hand tremors that stopped me from drawing. Thank you for such a heartfelt message and good luck in your endeavors.

Insurance Company

1. I loved it, in my opinion your talk was the best session out of all the other ones. Your art truly speaks to people and encourages them to think out of the box. You are a true example of how you can Embrace the Shake and turn the life around to what one imagines it to be. I feel great to have had this opportunity to be a part of your art. Keep up the great work. 

2. Hi Phil, this is jim jwetekamp, ceo of riskonnect. I really appreciate your contribution to our conference. The impact was meaningful. Drawing and painting is a hobby of mine and I've long recycled canvases in the spirit of reminding myself to enjoy the process of creation and focus less on the need for appreciation or likes later. But your story matched with your terrific talent gives me personally even more to reach for. I'll carry the pictures I drew and received in our session with me for quite a while. And the finished einstein piece will be a great story for our colleagues. Thanks again.

3. It was awesome!!!!! Loved everything about it.... going to change my focus because of your talk.... realised that I am absolutely living in "What is" and am going to move my thought to "What if"!!!!

4. Wonderfully creative and inspirational. Shows how you can take advantage of the old adage "when one door closes, another opens"! 🙏

5. It was inspiring. Loved the artwork, terrific job.

6. Hi Phil! It's usually easy to attribute a lot of our personal failures in life to "not being gifted enough". Your talk helped break the notion that it seems effortless for the gifted people to succeed! Pointing out the distinction between Limitation & Self Limiting Belief has seriously challenged a framework of assumptions that I look forward to break and rebuild, myself.

7. Great presentation. Good message. With the negativity we face daily this was a great dose of positivity.

8. It was awesome...You are very talented!

9. It was the best part of the conference! You're a great speaker and even better artist and motivator

10. Loved the end result and the talk. It's amazing what can be done with little 1" squares of paper. You are an inspiration. We all need to realize a limitation is only a limitation if we let it be one.

11. I thought it was amazing and so engaging. Your art is beautiful and I loved that we all go to take part in a piece of your art. Truly amazing!

12. The talk was very inspiring and the art was phenomenal. I am no artist so to have my little amateur drawings end up as part of a piece of your art was amazing. Keep inspiring us to embrace our limitations

13. Excellent! I hope we can keep the art you created so we can have it in one of our offices

14. Your talent and inspiration is truly amazing, Phil. Thank you. I wasn't able to attend on site at the conference, but was attending via the video conference they arranged for us RK employees. And I still was amazed! I can only imagine what it must have felt like to be there live! Keep on spreading your amazing talent with the world!!!

15. You're a Rock Star! Seriously you should donate your brain to science because the way you envision art is truly one of a kind! Greatly enjoyed your entire presentation!

16. Simply an amazing experience. "embrace the shake"

17. I was truly impressed! 18. I really enjoyed it!

Advertising Company

1. You were fantastic. I would not change a thing. It was beautiful and inspiring.

2. Phil , the presentation was very well received. I have enjoyed it very much.

3. Hi Phil. As an artist I think you are amazing. My kids were blown away by your videos. As a speaker I think you were engaging and entertaining.

4. Fantastic! Inspiring. I sent the TED talk link to everyone in my family.

5. Your talk was AMAZING!!!! And so are you very inspirational I wanted to talk about non attachment and what we can learn from your destructive work Will be in touch about how to get you to come to some DC events

6. Loved the talk. Can't wait to look at all the other content out there.

Financial Services company

1. Phil, you did a great job of telling your story. One that lives in everyone in some way, shape or form. You have the shake, I have a cancer, my neighbor has anxiety, my buddy has Parkinson's and young man I am mentoring isn't able to get the job in the field he wants. We don't get through life without some issue that thinks it can limit us. However what we forget is that the problem you face only manages that problem but I still get to decide the bigger strategy. Your message was a powerful reminder of that to all of us so thank you and keep up the great work.

2. Loved the talk. Can't wait to look at all the other content out there.

3. Hi Phil, you were amazing. The talk was very inspiring and very impactful. Thank you for sharing your life and art with us. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

4. Phenomenal talk and experience - can't wait to share with my team, my family and my friends. \n\nIdea for a project - recycling plastic bottles art with Greta Thunberg \n\nAfter your talk I finished off my drink and tossed my bottle into the recycling bin. It triggered an experience from a week ago. I was at a high school football game, when walking by the garage can, it was overflowing with plastic bottles. None recycled. So few of our nations youth know about the impact that has on the world. Is there a way you can inspire them through art?

5. Loved the talk! It was interesting to learn how you are inspired constantly by the seemingly mundane. It's making me pay more close attention to my own 🌎. Thanks!

6. This is the second time i have seen you. Great job!!!

7. I loved the talk. Very applicable and inspirational. Several points I can take back and share with my team.

8. It was amazing- so inspired- started to follow you on IG! Very relevant and timely message for our business delivered in a dynamic and creative way!

9. You were absolutely inspiring and inspirational.

Speaking Association

1. Hi Phil, my name is Ben. I think your talk was great. You took us on a chronological journey thru your experience. You were able to help us relate to your limitations, how you challenged them and perhaps how to challenge our own limitations. \nI really appreciated your creativity and how you use it to create art. Thank you for sharing your story and your art with us!
2. You were absolutely phenomenal - captivating message and very thought provoking
3. Phil you were amazing. I have a love of art but never had a glance behind the curtain. You have shared something with me and I am fortunate to get to tell you how much it meant to me. Your message has forever changed my life. I have always felt that I have had to throw resources at my limitations and always tried to compensate but still found myself lost and with even more questions. You have inspired me to embrace those limitations.
4. Interesting message. The two types of obstacles, "I can't do art if my hand shakes" is the obstacle you put in your own way. And, you articulated that the next question should be, "then how else could I do art?" What was implied and maybe should have been articulated was, if something is standing in the way of our happiness, we need to turn it around. "How *else* can I get there?" The way you've innovated around that has made you stronger, more unique than you started.
5. Unforgettable, phenomenal speech. It has remained with me!
6. Phil Your art is amazing and so surprising! Your move from Artist to speaker definitely shows us how to not let limits hold us back My grandson has only one hand and there is nothing he won’t try. He has played basketball baseball uses a machete etc He turns 13 in Sept and truly hope his teen years are uplifting as opposed to more bullying from classmates and especially as he encounters those teen age attraction to the. Female gender.keep him in your positive thoughts!
7. It was awesome and magical. WOW!
8. Totally awesome talk and the art is off the hook I admire your drive
9. Thank you Phil for your inspiring message on last nights keynote presentation. I felt as if your talk was taylor made for me. I will take the gifts you offered and apply it to my art making and life outside my studio. Peace and continued blessings to you. -Robert D.Lee
10. Thank you for the paradigm shift training. As I get older, I too need to think of new ways to think and adapt.
11. Hi Phil. Your speech was awesome. It had a personal impact. It resonated with me. I have speech impidment-stutter. And how, it kept me in a box. The visual aid (art work) was amazing
12. I loved your presentation. It was packed with emotional appeal, great visuals that wowed everyone, cool 'aha' messages and an interesting menagerie of key points applicable to personal development. How you develop your tiny art in an up close environment into large scale meaningful pictures is really awe striking to the average non-artist like myself. The ability u have is something that I would guess strikes cords of jealousy in the hearts of some other artists. But I guess u all understand that all are gifted differently. Thanks for sharing your story and insights.
13. Phil, first and foremost, thank you for sharing your story! Your talk and art experience was simply amazing! Engaging, Memorable and a conversation to be shared!
14. I've been to Toastmasters International Conventions since 2006. Yours was one of the most inspiring opening night keynotes I've heard. Thanks so much!
15. Hi Phil! You did a great job helping everyone think about reinventing the way they approach things! May want to try moving your hands above your head at key moments for emphasis (think climax to a story or song)
16. Hi Phil. You were wonderful. I Was deeply moved by your message and who you are in the world. I'll think about more specific feedback and let you know what I come up with.
17. Was a great session, I felt connected. Personally I believe the timing could have been curtailed as the power of being brief makes me stay engaged
18. You were amazing. Warm, engaging and incredibly creative. It was a joy to be in attendance and participate.
19. I am always amazed at Artists of any medium. As a special education teacher I marvelled at how the push obstacles out of the way and do not focus on what they can't do. Your speech has made me reflect on the things I have perceived as obstacles. I woke up with a new attitude this morning and am excited about looking at what I can do and not see limitations. I believe the possibilities are limitless.
20. You have a wonderful message! I loved being part of the 400 who helped you create that art! What I got from your presentation was #embracetheshake.
21. Wasn't sure at first- not being an "arty" person. But wow. What a refreshing perspective and way of "being present".22. I was incredibly impressed with both your talent and your presentation. You gave me a whole new look at varying my perspective on life!
22. Great job. Your presentation was amazing. I really enjoyed your message & your pictures.
23. Thank you for your encouraging talk, I loved the way you shared your personal story and showed us how to look at life from a different angle and look thru a different set of glasses, I am very creative and I was very excited to see what you made. God has blessed you and thank you for blessing me.
24. Even though I felt terrible about destroying your art, I understood the message 🙂 thank you for sharing your story and gift with us. Last night was an amazing experiences!
25. Hi Phil, thank you for the AMAZING and moving presentation. My dad has Parkinson's and embracing the shake was relatable. It is bittersweet the precious time I have helping him as he was always there for me growing up. Wishing you continued success:)
26. Collaboration with others is the key to a masterpiece!
27. Fantastic talk and amazing art!
28. U are truly gifted.. in Hinduism.. it is widely believed that anything that is created must be destroyed so that it can be recreated... Although I am not much of a religious person.. I felt connected.. Thank you for that. :)

Regional healthcare software company

1. Wow!!

2. Great presentation--loved the unique experience and so did our attendees!

3. Amazing and enlightening. Thank you

4. Absolutely loved the talk and cant wait to see any new creations!!

5. Very interesting talk and approach to conveying your message to a bunch of physicians. Very enjoyable.

6. Thoroughly enjoyed all of it. I know I must step back from the dots of my life to see the portrait my village is creating.

7. I love art of all types and am amazed at the range of creativity. Your ability to see a vision in the ordinary items around you is unique and in a category of its own.

Cloud based management software company

1. Wow. Just wow. You brought me to tears. Hands down the highlight of my conference.

2. Absolutley loved your presentation! Would love to purchase one of those posters if they are available still. Any chance you have any left

3. One of my favorite presentations from this week. It was great to hear your perceptions, your struggles and your successes. You engage the crowd. I am looking forward to listening to your TED talk.

4. Phil - this is actually the 2nd time I've seen you this year - first time was at Majesco Convergence in Savannah. I think your story and presentation are very compelling.

5. My husband is a nature and landscape photographer who I would love to see this presentation! Is you TED talk similar? It was very inspiring!

6. Inspiring to take your message home to relay the message to the family. Seize the it

7. Great presentation today, really got me thinking... I would love to know if I could purchase one of those posters for my daughter, she loves to sketch, that is one of her outlets and I think she would love the challenge.

8. I appreciate your story, hearing how you navigated through your struggles and successes, and most of all your humble nature and kind spirit! You're talent is incredible!

9. Absolutely mind-blowing. Truly one of the best talks I've seen.

10. I loved your presentation so much I actually sent photos of it to my family. They said why are you at an art show and I explained it was about overcoming limitations and realizing what is a self limitation and they all LOVED that concept.

11. Phil - I loved your presentation! It was very energizing and envigorating! I liked the profoundness in the simplicity of the message. I missed out on getting one of the 22 posters, but after seeing the size of them, I dont know how I would wrestle it onto the plane! 22 is such an unusual number.

12. Absolutely great presentations.. Thank you so much Phil. I'm going to push my limitations.

13. Your presentation is so inspiring and self empowering. I loved your presentation.

14. Great presentation. I held my interest throughout.

Financial institution 

1. We really enjoyed your presentation and the artwork was amazing! It was fun to create and so cool to see the end result. Our 7 year old son is getting really into art and we can't wait to show him your stuff!!

2. The insight into your process is almost cooler than the art itself (which is incredible)

3. Hi Phil, Your presentation was outstanding and mind blowing! Thank you for sharing your story and art with us!! I really loved the story of the teenage girl with the hair loss... it brought me back to my son Noah's battle with cancer...\nI wish you the very best in your future endeavors! Blessings,\nChristine

4. You're story and presentation were great and very inspiring. I love your art and the approach you have in exploring art. Thanks for sharing and challenging the rest of us to be limitless in our thinking!

5. What an amazing presentation. Thank you Phil!

6. phil, the combination of your vision and message were excellent

Design Association

1. Awesome job today!

2. Thank you for sharing your story and your art. It's made me rethink things I have viewed as obstacles in my life and think more creatively about how to approach them in the future. Also - still working on the dot to dot!

3. Very inspirational and real. Truly enjoyed myself. Would like to have learned a little bit more about the transition from behind the canvas to in front of an audience and what that took to change your paradigm on being an artist versus an inspirational speaker and how you took your talent as an artist and turned it into a profession that may not be linear for an artist. Great job would see it again

4. It was absolutely amazing. One of the most inspiring presentations I've been too. I went about my day with a whole new approach. Thank you for that. 🖤

5. I found myself really wanting to know more about people's stories you were able to hear. Have you documented them in other ways? It reminds me of Story Corps but a visual iteration. I actually came to the event not expecting it to resonate - so thank you for getting me to that place of reflection.

Technology Industry Client

1. Good morning Phil! I just wanted to tell you that your presentation this morning was impressive. You touched many hearts and motivated us in so many ways

2. Hi Phil - I thought it was great. Didnt know what to expect going in but you have a great message and did a nice job of.connecting it to the audience and business in general. My daughter really enjoys art so I sent her the link to your website and she spent quite a bit of time there yesterday. Thanks

3. Thanks Phil, your presentation was great! Relatable, touching and empowering!! Keep up the good work!

4. I've never seen anyone like you before. Your Art Skill is one of a kind. Your presentation was excellence. Thank you.

Financial Association

Please share a very heartfelt thank you from us to Phil Hansen. He was a wonderful speaker and a delight to meet. I hope to see more of his work in the future.

1. Thought it was awesome! Hope you had a safe trip home!

2. Phil, awesome presentation! You're message about overcoming limitations through creativity is very powerful and something I feel I can apply in both my business and personal life. Not many of us are as creative or imaginative as you, but your message tells us we can be creative in different ways! I really enjoyed it!

3. Your art is wonderful. Thank you so much

Healthcare Professionals

1. Hey Phil! I really enjoyed your presentation and hearing your story of finding a way to make art even when you lost your dots. \n\nInspiring to say the least. \n\nI look forward to using your pdf to make my own journey more successful.

2. You were absolutely amazing!🥳 Your are talented beyond belief!!!!!! Excellent job relaying your message of creativity & success through conquering self limiting beliefs.👊 We can do all things through Christ which strengthens us! Your compassion for the girl in your presentation was very sincere and uplifting. Your art 🖼 was AMAZING!!!!!! I have never seen anything like it!!!!!!!! You are sooooo talented!

3. Thank you for the presentation you did this morning! Truly inspiring and both myself and office partner walked away saying we don't want our self believing limits become limitations for our company ! Thank you again! Your art work is amazing ! My favorite thing you showed was the Bob Marley made out of broken records!

4. Man, what a powerful testimony!The message in your presentation hit home with me and was a perfect start to the conference. You are super gifted and I pray that God will continue to use you in a mighty way. Thanks for your inspiration. 🙌

5. Presentation was fabulous! Made me think a lot about "excuses" I use to not do things. Thank you! Your talent is amazing!

6. I enjoyed your presentation so much!! Beside the fact that I think you are an incredibly talented artist, you also have a gift for motivational speaking! Truly amazing ❤️

7. I like your line of thinking and truly believe you are helping people - all - for me who had a different type of brain - you gave me - hope I'm not linear I git myself into linear and this made linear make sense? I am a free spirit in a historical executive world!

8. It was great. We would love to have some of your prints to hang in our hospital!

9. It was good. I really liked your theme of looking beyond obstacles and limitations, of choosing to reframe them as opportunities for something creative or different and of reaching beyond our perception of ourselves and our capabilities - The art is phenomenal and perfectly illustrates your message - Your 'conversation' with the audience is casual but meaningful. You are relaxed and you draw the audience into your story. Well done. - It was difficult watching you beat up a guitar,but I was grateful it was not a piano ( my instrument of choice). 😊- I think you should take music scores and do your magic with transforming some favorite songs ( the notes) into a picture - Like you did with dots and words.

10. Phil- you were one of the most inspirational speakers I have heard in a long time!!! Your story of the way you returned to art despite a tremor was so inspiring!!!!!! The distinction between limitations and self limiting thought processes was something I needed to hear. As a perfectionist who doesn't like to try new things because I can't make them perfect the first time I do them is self limiting thinking. I must get outside my lil box and be willing to make a mistake or just destroy a project and move the heck on!!!! I loved, loved it!!!! And, I loved your art. And, your musical inspirations!!!! Literally my fav part of the day!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

11. Phil, your art is truly amazing and extremely creative. My favorite was how you used shadows to create the image of a woman. Then when you combine the artwork with your expanding views on life's hurdles, the message is clear that a person is only limited by the boundaries they put on themselves. I left the conference and immediately called my son to share your message and challenge my adult son to grow outside his boundaries.

12. The presentation along with your art were truly amazing! You used a topic that is "off topic" and made many good points for us to consider. Well done!

13. Phil, you are an amazing artist, you inspire me- The world is blessed to have creative people such as yourself!

14. Love you talk today it was great talk

15. Tremendously insightful - You are are a catalyst in change in people's lives - Amazed at your insight and how the message translation to all realms of life- Phenomenal

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17. It was amazing, you are talented beyond measure, it was such a privilege to meet you in class and your presentation was eye opening.

18. It was awesome, loved every minute!

19. Great session! Love hearing how you overcome you obstacles! I have MS and push myself daily to not let this disease define me! Thank you for sharing your story!

20. It was truly amazing Phil. You are so talented and I truly enjoyed your presentation this morning. We are actually talking about you right now over dinner at Biga On The Banks. Thank you so much for showing us anything is possible and to embrace our limitations.

21. It was absolutely awesome. I loved the art session. I have been away from art for years but you have inspired me to start painting again

22. Presentation was great! Timely, maintained everyone's attention, the message was deep and pertinent to the time we live in healthcare

23. It was awesome and very inspirational! Thank you!

24. Loved your presentation.

25. I enjoyed your presentation very much. I had seen a bio on you in the past because your art is familiar especially the circular art of words. My daughter would be an inspiring story for you. She was born blind in her left eye and cannot see in 3D but does very impressive portraits for commission. She has not allowed it to limit her ability. If you would like I can send you some of her work and a newspaper article about her. I wished I couldve gotten one of your connect the dots. Im anal enough to be the first to finish it.

26. Your message and story were fantastic and motivational, thank you as I hope to utilize your thoughts in my department

27. Amazing! I want my daughter to see some of your work

28. Absolutely loved it. It amazing how you can put that art together in your head before you put it "canvas".

29. Phil, your message was inspiring and very motivating. Our organization is facing some upcoming changes that are exciting yet transitional. The message or the unconventional approach to your craft was exactly the message I needed to hear in preparation for these changes. Additionally, I would be interested in your availability to speak at our upcoming annual meeting in August 2019. Thanks so much for sharing your story today.

30. Phil, appreciate you sharing your story with us! Including the bits of video. Keep it up!! God Bless you!!

31. It was amazing and so inspirational!! Thanks Phil ☺️

32. Thought it was awesome! Have been talking about it all day!

33. It was a great presentation!

34. Your art is extraordinary. And your presentation made me realize I'm not too old to begin to remove the limitations I have. Thanks

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36. At first I was thinking OMG art, I can't draw a straight line, I was so glad to take art appreciation and pass it.

37. Your presentation was amazing! There was so much information to learn with you sharing your story. Your art is truly amazing! Wish I was able to get one of the connect a dot photos. I love how you were able to over come the limitations that were put in front of you and so inspiring to others.

38. Truly enjoyed your presentation. A true test of you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Can't wait to go home and show your video to my husband and son

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40. I can't believe how you see the image in to stories.

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42. Favorite part of the day today was your presentation! Loved hearing your story- very well spoken. Great job! Amazing art!

43. Enjoyed it. Had no idea where you were headed at first but you did good.

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45. It was great...all of our party talked very positive about it all day.

46. Most revealing truth I've hear in a long time. Very inspirational

47. Great story and presentation! Maybe doing a live art/design would make it better? I truly enjoyed it and look forward to having my daughter's attempt the connect the dots art, thank you for that!

48. LOVED it! Very inspirational. Entertaining. I was amazed by you and your story. Also loved the creation from the sessions. A great feeling to be a part of it, but I was worried it would be destroyed before I saw it! Thank you!

Large Annual Conference of specialized Sales professionals

  1. Your story and artwork were both moving and inspiring.  I cannot wait to put your message to use in my professional and personal life.

  2. Was very touched and inspired by your strength and creativity in the face of such seemingly adversity. I am a broker, trainer of a large real estate office and I am looking to share your story to support the growth of our agents in this very disruptive, ever changing market. Thank you for sharing with us and I look forward to finding my name on the beautiful piece of art you have created for NAR! Best wishes for continued creativity and happiness

  3. Hello Phil!  \nThank you for such profound insight on the many ways to see art and how that transcends into many life lessons. My Father-in-law, POPS, recently my husband that life is wAy to short and that we have to challenge ourselves more to finding ways to make more out of life.... so much of your glorious passed away on Holy Saturday. He was 85 and he lived with my husband, son and me for 17 years. It's weird not to have him around anymore. After he passed I told presentation spoke to me. Thank you!!  \nYou presented in such a lovely and calm manner by example and light humor. \n\nVery well done! Much to think about and rethink ! God Bless.

  4. It was our pleasure to not only listen to your presentation but to also tickle our visual senses‼️😎

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  7. I've videoed short clips and sent them to my wife who is an artist. Her first response was that she was throwing away her brushes! She is also into spiritual healing and motivation and your story would have a profound influence on her. Is it possible to get the entire session?I would love for her to see it. Is it possible to get the Ted talk? We both would like to see that. I am so pleased to have been able to see your presentation. Thanks so much.

  8. Phil... loved your message, I coach my brokers on how to get through self talk issues(limitations) every day. A great connection would be you and Larry Kendall the author of Ninja Selling. It is life changing and provides the "how" in how to exceed expectations in all of life issues, breaking through barriers. All the best,

  9. Enjoyed it-your message spoke to me as I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 16 months ago. I did not understand why you destroyed some of your work.

  10. Thank you Phil for the blessing of not only sharing your talent through your work, but also through your very impactful message.  Thank you and God Bless

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  12. Great presentation. Some of the challenges were difficult due to the challenges of the room but the presentation was good, engaging and uplifting

  13. It was great to have a real artist gracing our NAR stage. 😁 Wonderful job! I'm a REALTOR in Wilmington, NC and I also volunteer with an international film festival called Cucalorus there. We'd love to incorporate some of your art into the festival! Let me know if you're interested

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  25. Phil,\nYour story is both inspirationally wonderful and eye opening.  To not only hear but to see how you evolved, grew, learned, transformed is amazing.  To me, your story reaches everyone at some point in their lives, possibly more than once.  My personal word is positive and that is what you are. I've learned that a limitation is something I can go around, over, under or work through, but my self believe/thoughts are something that can be overcome.  We all have the power to embrace, improve, listen and help not just ourselves, but others as well, thank you!

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  31. Phil your presentation was amazing. Limiting beliefs is the number one thing hindering agents from success. I will be using your story, with your permission of course to break through the limiting beliefs of anyone willing to listen.

  32. It think your presentation was captivating and engaging. Really made the audience think within and outside the box. I think that it made us see a whole new way of thinking. So happy to share this mentality with my team and my association. Thank you for presenting

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  40. Inspirational - a timely reminder that sometimes you need to get out of your own way!! Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you! I am now s fan and Bieber 💕Willo Kelly Haha /that would be believer! Willo Kelly A sense of humor makes a world of difference in how you see things 😊

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  53. Phil--you hit deep seeded nerves; you cast one line of observation about tracing all psychoses to childhood and that to me is right and fascinating and gosh we would love to work with you in the future--Orange County Realtors--my name is Dave and we are a 14,000 member interest in CA and the way you map ideas in your mind is exactly  how I innovate and think--feels like for first time there is someone else who finds ideas late at night!

  54. It was amazing! The idea of coming up with other solutions within the box resonated with me! Definitely makes you look at things differently and I can see how that encourages us to become more creative.

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  58. Such an inspiration. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy at age 12. I had hurdles to overcome. The embarrassment of seizing in public during teen years. Life's  bumps and bends can be a challenge but as you said find the way to steer those challenges into a positive molding your own life. Absolutely fabulous was your session!

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  64. Thanks Phil. I appreciate your presentation and your willingness to embrace your limitations. As a recovering addict this is a normal everyday reminder. Some days embracing them is easy and other days it's really a challenge. As long as I don't chose to use drugs then most most experiences and challenges don't turn into a truly life threatening event. Much love gene

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  72. Phil--one of the most genuine and inspiring talks I've heard in a long time. My graduate school art teacher used to say "the resistance is in the medium--embrace the resistance".  Made me a much better painter once I figured out that the resistance was actually in me (my resistance to the medium), not the medium itself . Can't say enough about how you inspired me today!

  73. Amazing!!! Talented!!! Truly blessed & very gifted. Made my day & trip to DC so worth it!! Almost didn't come because of airline tickets. God knows best!!! Your message enlightened me. Thank You doesn't seem enough. Thank You. God bless.

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  79. A good reminder of what most of know but don't practice.  Thank you.

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  81. The internally awesomeness of your art is an amazing thing to watch and the inspiration to look beyond and believe that you can move forward on a different path and still have your passion in your life continue truly awakens a spark to reevaluate the paths in myself. Thank you

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  84. Hi Phil. I've seen many a speaker in my 15 years and quite honestly two of them (that I really enjoyed) were both artists. I'm not one, nor would I have ever thought I'd be an "artsy" type, and I'm not, but I really do appreciate someone else's talent when it comes to the story OF their art. The back stories area always going to be the best for me. I also enjoyed hearing of the young girl and her own story. Nice job. Thank you.

  85. Fantastic! So inspirational!

  86. Phil, it was awesome! I love the fact that you spoken at the TED conference. I'm a big fan. I enjoyed the fact that you were able to turn your limitation into success and you are using your art and Your so called limitation i.e., a shaky hand, To help others. That's a beautiful thing. It's helping me to think of my weaknesses/limitations and how I can use those to help other people instead of always thinking of my strengths. Very much appreciated. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  87. It was super good. Could have been just a bit shorter at the end. But amazing!!

  88. Thought you were amazing!  What a unique perspective you have on life in general, but especially on how to create art from anything. I feel blessed to have been in the audience today at NAR 360.

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  90. Phil - you have a unique combination of creativity, critical thinking and public speaking skills. A rare triple threat indeed. Really enjoyed your message.

  91. Phil, you are an amazing artist, story teller, and apparently a pretty great human being.  Thank you so much for your inspiring words and for pointing out that though everyone faces challenges, the only true limits are the ones we place on ourselves.

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  99. Remarkable precision! Structured yet creative. New way of looking at things. Inspired. The final NAR building art piece is unbelievable.

  100. You were one of the BEST speakers we have ever had. So on point to me especially since I just recently developed a tremor in my right hand. Good news-- not Parkinson's. Bad news--no real diagnosis yet except maybe too much caffeine! I hope it's that easy. I really loved your presentation. So applicable to so many things I'm going through right now. Take care.

  101. It was one of the most awesome presentations are seen in many years of coming here to Washington DC. I will highly recommend your presentation it does affect all of us

  102. Phil, it was a great presentation,  enjoyed it immensely

  103. Oh my goodness! Exactly what I needed to hear! There is a huge difference between self limiting and real limiting. I'm self limiting - actually until today. Not the possibilities are limitLESS! Thanks Phil!

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  105. Truly remarkable. You raised our spirits and touched our hearts. The piece you did for NAR should be reprinted and provided as gifts by NAR to its major donors...what a great memory that would be. Thank you.


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  14. Good timing for me to see and a great reminder I can always do more and even go beyond the finish line, or to higher rungs on the ladder!

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  21. Love

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  25. I was truly inspired to look at my own limiting beliefs. Sometimes we just accept them and think thats just the way it is, and I know deep down it doesn't have to be. Thank you!

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  38. I'm inspired encouraged elated by possibility and embracing limitations to see them with new eyes. Thank you! Loved Limitation vs self limiting beliefs how our minds can work against us

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  62. Phil.... truly amazing and great message! Look forward to taking a closer look at your artwork. Thank you for taking the time to enrich the lives of others. Safe travels

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  66. Loved your presentation. I am 67 yrs old and am 7 years into recovery from opioids and alcohol. I am in the process of writing a book of collected stories others in recovery or still suffering. "The First Step", a guide to staying in recovery. You've given me many ideas to incorporate into my book. Promise to send you a copy when published. Thank you again for your inspirational presentation.

  67. You kept the narrative simple and let the art and videos tell the story.  There is one thing I was wondering which is, "how is you hand and the shaking now?".  The art you created for NAR was intensive physicality, so did the shake flare up? I bet a lot of folks wondered as I did.  By the way my name is in section G2, way up there.

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Association Breakfast

1. Phil, you were awesome! One of the biggest takeaways was how when we face challenges, the constant ability to shift how we see those challenges allows us to shift our perspective and find creative solutions.

2. Phil, I thought your presentation was great. Interesting, engaging, funny and with a nice message thrown in. Thank you. I am even more bummed that I did not bring my son along. I was the last guy to take a picture with you whose son recently graduated from Penn State in fine art. When I mentioned you he apparently already knew about you and has been watching your website and some of the YouTube videos for the past number of years. It would've been cool for him to have met you. Anyway thanks again and good luck with your future work.

3. I found it helpful

4. A+++++ -- truly inspiring! I loved your work & the underlying message of your presentation. Thank you

5. It was great. Inspiring. Keep it up.

6. Your presentation was inspiring! Truly enjoyable breakfast.

Association Breakfast

1. Your talk was super impressive and really extraordinary. I was on the upper balcony so a bit challenging to 'engage' with you but the presentation was really stellar. I've been trolling your website and downloaded the connect the dots PDF's! Thanks for taking the time to share your work.

2. Phil Truly inspirational I immediately started following you on Instagram

3. You are unreal!! Most inspiring talk I've heard in a loooong time. So enjoyed it and you're such a talent and amazing speaker. Keep spreading your message! Thanks for taking the time and encouraging to look for ways how to "embrace the shake"

4. Thanks Phil. It was flawless, really !! Thanks for inspiring us all 🙏🏻🙌🏻 And for signing my print !

5. Thx. An inspiring talk. Much needed for me at this time. Appreciated it. Love the work too of course.

6. It was great! Your art is amazing and so much fun, and the presentation was awesome! Such a fun event. I really appreciated the eyebrows 😂 even my engineer, not art/design oriented fiance liked your stuff when I sent it to him!

7. I've been to this event a few times all I'll say this was honestly one of the best presentations! I felt it's something everyone in the room could relate to and it left us with something to think about!

8. Your presentation was wonderful and you spoke and engaged the room very well. I really enjoyed your videos and the explanations of your art. I used to free hand sketch and paint alot but kind of lost my freehand and acceptance to make errors in architecture school where everything is straight lines and needs to be perfect. I always thought limitations helped spark design when there is a constraint or rule or function that needed to be followed. Nothing gave me more anxiety as a kid then seeing a blank white canvas or paper. What in the world do i draw or create? My art teacher in high school didn't let us use erasers. We always had to incorporate our errors into our creation because it is not an error. Its our creation. You made me take a trip down memory lane today and I appreciated it.

9. I left your presentation feeling so inspired! Thank you!!!

10. Loved it!!! I'm particularly interested in the pdf and how I can overcome limitations I have. Thank you!

11. It was amazing. I am involved with an organization in NYC called Arts Connection. Essentially it is the brightest artists in the NYC public school districts. Arts Connection exposes these young artists to corporations and partnerships for them to learn, collaborate and expose their art. As you were speaking I thought it would be great for them to hear you.

12. Great presentation. Myself and and all my guests throughly enjoyed

13. Awesome sauce

14. It was AMAZING!!!!!! The work is inspired. What I find most compelling is that your art has transcended the conventional separation of artists from an audience and is so incredibly accessible and tangible and deeply moving. Thanks again! Left inspired and trying to figure out a venue and outlet to have you speak to my firm. We do real estate development in the life sciences sector... life saving and life changing research goes on in our buildings... and the act of creating via scientific experimentation holds so many parallels to most art forms...

15. It was truly inspiring and exactly what I needed to hear lately. Thank you for your time and for being so honest and uplifting! Love it and I really think how full the room was at the end should be a testament to how well you did because usually most are gone at that point.

16. Your art is amazing! And love the way you weave the story together!

17. It was truly inspiring and you are an incredible talent

18. I thought your presentation was amazing! I also think your art is a force to be reckoned with!!

19. Your presentation was inspiring on so many levels-your artistic talent and ability to visualize the work you've created is mind blowing to me. But as importantly and impactful was also your message around acknowledging limitations and working though them and with them. Seize the limitation was a great phrase! I am a sales leader with a number of challenges on my team at the moment. Your message hit home for me and I will be using it to help me be a better leader. Thank you!!

20. Omg! You rocked it out of the park!!!! Had me majorly inspired and in tears at times. Your visuals were timely and right on point!!! Followed you on Instagram with both personal and business accounts.

21. Super inspiring - in terms of content but also your approach to business. The text for more information move is something I would like to investigate as a sales rep to interior designs. Think it could set my team apart from other multi-line sales organizations. Thanks!

22. You were amazing! Your story & art is incredible. I want to be your friend 😄

23. It was GREAT and you are really, really smart. 😄

24. Best one in years for our annual breakfast

25. Inspired and in awe of the craft, creativity and compassion that goes into your work, your story and your contribution to humanity. Great integration of visuals, articulation and delivery of the content. Really really thought-provoking. Just wish I got a connect the dots poster! Would love to work with you on a project one day. Thanks for taking time to meet with our group.

Financial Industry Conference

1. Hey Phil - informally, I heard folks liked you the most!!! You should feel really great about this. Your story clearly touches and resonates with people. And, how you rounded out the interactive experience was an awesome capstone to the event. I remarked that it looked the Mona Lisa with folks huddled around John Lennon taking pics.

2. Continue do what you have been doing. Awesome presentation and arts work.

3. That was amazing and so inspiring! I can't wait to tell friends, family, and colleagues all about it. Thanks for sharing your craft with us

4. Hi Phil. I'm in town this week for our client summit, and I want to sincerely thank you for the perspectives and art you brought to us. Art, limitations and adaptation is a very personal topic for me, as I have a cousin, Tina Epstein, who is an artist and developed early-onset Parkinson's. It is devastating in so many ways, but she has chosen to adapt, given she can't live without her art. Here's a short documentary about her. I hope you're able to take some of the same kind of inspiration from her as you've shared with all of us.\n\n

5. Awesome and inspiring!

6. A very inspirational and motivation presentation. Enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing your transformational story!

7. Loved the presentation and your art and the reveal today. John Lennon is one of my all-time favorite musicians. It was even more special that we all contributed and I was able to find my prints. Really enjoyed hearing your story and your outlook on life. It was very uplifting.

8. My whole group thoroughly enjoyed the message coupled with the art. I brought one of the posters home and my 15 year old daughter is actually excited about the idea. We looked at your website Wether you like him or not, Trump Bacon was amazing

9. Your art is incredible.

Health Care supply Distributor Conference

1. Two words:

Inspiring and empowering.

Great presentation!!

2. I thought your presentation was outstanding! It was a topic that I really needed to hear.

3. You were amazing!!!

4. Hi Phil, I really appreciated your presentation today. A chance to look at our obstacles from another perspective is a priceless gift. Thanks for bringing such a meaningful message to all of us. I can't wait to tell people about your Ted Talk.

5. You were absolutely awesome!!!!!

6. Phil, as I expressed to you after your presentation, your presence is definitely one of the highlights of the convention. It was heartening to hear of your overcoming what certainly was a hope dashing circumstance by applying your positivity and 'can do' spirit. As I told you after your presentation, you've made me think more positively about my own business. You are to be commended for a very professional and uplifting talk. Best of the show and every one else is excellent too, not a slouch in the bunch.

7. Really enjoyed your presentation. Your enthusiasm and passion is infectious.

Health Care Fundraiser

1. Phil! I was my wife's date. I'm a high school physics teacher who is facing big class sizes and other challenges. I was in a rough mood last night and then I heard your message loud and clear. I was inspired man. I haven't watched your TED talk yet, but if it's like what you told us last night, I may play it for my classes!

2. Highlight of the evening! Inspiring story and artwork. Kept getting better. Great idea with the Derby artwork. Thank you!

3. Phil, great presentation and an amazing story. I'm wondering if you studied Buddhism or if you came to the idea of impermanence on your own? I think it's amazing what you're doing and am glad you found your way back to art

Health Industry Conference

1. Wonderful experience. Truly engaging and impactful. It was greatly appreciated. Thank you!

2. Amazing presentation! While the art and your application of your talent is mesmerizing the story of Turing a limitation into an opportunity is the real takeaway. My family plans to do the connect the dots in place of our annual vacation puzzle. Perhaps we will even video some of it and share if we ever finish.

3. It was great! I screwed up my part(#51) but you couldn't tell. Well done!

4. Thank you for sharing your journey and your art with our group. I feel that you have a meaningful message that is perfect for any group and also resonates on a personal level with attendees.

5. So fantastic! Loved the videos :)

6. Amazing presentation. Wonderfully thought out and connected to both the individual and the overall organization. Also... incredibly fun! I'd recommend this to anyone looking to bring a powerful keynote with an experiential twist to their event.

7. Hi Phil- fantastic presentation! I am also an artist and was inspired by your story. I was not able to attend the event on Thursday so I missed your final presentation of the art created by the finger print exercise. Do you have a video that you showed on Thursday? I am assuming you and your assistant made a video from the process and would have loved to see it. Thanks for showing us your tremendous talent. Seurat is smiling from above!

8. Truly amazing and inspiring! I haven't been able to stop talking about it!! Thank you!

9. Enjoyed the inside the box perspective and the pdf tool to inspire future projects!

Technology in Education Conference

1. Your presentation was the highlight of the conference for me. You are truly motivating and inspiring. Embrace the shake!!!

2. It was incredible, loved all of it.

3. Great presentation. The process you described is one of the lessons our company really needs to learn. I might be contacting you in 2020 for some help with a session for our company’s all hands retreat.

Technology/Insurance industry Audience

Official Feedback: "Phil is simply amazing. He had everyone captivated the entire time. He's a mix of motivational speak, visual assets to make you laugh and think and a live quick visual art piece. He truly makes you look at what you know in a different light. What is vs what if - such a great concept. And he's a really nice guy too!!"

1. Truly inspiring. You did a wonderful job of applying the concept of overcoming obstacles to the technology field. I work for a small company with limited resources. Thank you for reminding me of how limitations can be liberating. In addition, your art is amazing!

2. It was amazing !

3. I thought your presentation was very inspirational. I enjoy art and think your approach to finding different mediums and "boundaries" is something that can be applied to life. The concept of limitations vs self limitations was thought provoking. How you can flip a self limitation on its head and find liberation was compelling. I think the trick is to be able to see that you are being limited by yourself.... that's the hard part. It requires self reflection... something not a lot of people do including myself. Thank you again for sharing your art and life experience with us today!

4. Phil-Your presentation was inspiring and fascinating. You authenticity and talent are a powerful combination. I look forward to sharing your story and me

5. it is so relevant! Thank you for spending time with us today!

6. Awesome presentation this morning fascinating

7. Thanks for a great presentation today morning 8. It was amazing, Very inspiring. Videos were nicely done.

9. Hi Phil, keep being you, it's more of an inspiration than you'll ever know, keep circumventing limits and sharing your successes, enjoy the day!

10. Delightful presentation. I really enjoyed it!

11. Really enjoyed your presentation....I came for insurance related topics, but very much learned life lessons also. Thank you for your message!

12. Excellent presentation - loved it

13. Yours was the best session because you spoke from heart and it was all your personal stories. Other sessions were more theoretical and preachy

14. It was excellent. I was sitting next to a high school girl in the airport who was sketching on a pad and obviously had some talent. She was with her dad on a visit to SCAD. I was enthused about your presentation and pointed her your way.

15. Phil - it was absolutely terrific and very very inspiring. And you are a terrific artist. As a practicing Buddhist, the talk and your approach reminded me of everything the Buddha taught and the teachings of the sand mandala. Nothing I can suggest to change. Stay on the path.

16. It was an awesome presentation and we really loved it.

17. Great presentation, amazing art. Very enjoyable/inspiring. Peter

18. Great job Phil. I heard nothing but excellent feedback today on the session. I am always very impressed with artists and entrepreneurs. Very motivating and uplifting.

19. Really enjoyed it & learned a lot.

20. I can't speak for anyone else but you inspired me to get past my mental block for playing guitar which I have struggled to lean for many years

Financial industry Audience

Official Feedback: "In short, the collaborative art was universally loved and his message connected nicely with our group."

2. It was amazing! I loved hearing your story and the picture was incredible! Thank you for sharing!

3. Was inspiring, amazing, and awesome! I talked with my colleagues quite a bit about the art. You look so young to have been through so much. The 2 pieces that got destroyed that hurt me a bit was the Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix pieces. Absolutely amazing and would have loved to have owned them! Thank you for sharing 🦅

4. Loved your presentation and the final product was amazing! Thank you so much. I got one of your connect the dot posters and I am giving it to my brother for his 60th birthday because I know he will love it! Thank you for joining us at First American's event!

5. It was excellent! I'm still crushed you destroyed the Kurt Cobain work! You need to do another one - that was amazing. Good luck with your path, you're an amazingly creative artist.

6. Everyone I talked to loved it. Interesting, inspiring and relevant. Thanks

7. Absolutely amazing and inspiring!!

8. Phil, You are incredibly talented, for sure as an artist. However, you are even more talented at being a speaker and a human being. You have an incredible way of delivering your message. Your talk resonated with me and will stick with me for a very longtime.

Technology Industry Audience

1.Lovely. Truly amazing

2. It is awesome. What caused you to select Nelson Mandela?

3. Phil, Amazing!!! Is there a link to your video?

4. Very impressed with the end product. Hardly being able to draw a stick figure I am always in awe of how creative people do what you do. Best of luck

5. Reply - Hi - It is awesome !! Wow what a fun, amazing creation !! Can I ask what you charge to do a session for a much smaller group of folks ??

6. Great session and great photo.

7. I really enjoyed the presentation and the art is amazing. As someone who has overcome obstacles to get to where I am I can relate and appreciate that you are sharing your message with others. Thanks!

8. Phil. I am inspired by your story, your art, and your mindset. Remarkable. Thank you for inviting me in. Your temporal art is an antidote for what ail's me; an over-investment in tomorrow and not today. Cannot thank you enough for reframing things for me; embracing the shake is a call to action for me to take ownership of now personally and in my work.

9. Your presentation was great to say the least. It really resonated with me - we are a small IT shop with limited resources. So the idea to think from inside the box is everyday life for me. We often find ourselves using our limitations to our advantage! - Husam

10. Truly impactful. Thank you for sharing this experience with us!

11. Awesome and mind blowing presentation. What a way to covey message thru your life changing experience. Thanks for sharing.

12. Hey Phil . U are truly amazing! Ur clarity and eye for precision is truly phenomenal to those of us without your talent. Thanks for sharing your gift! 🎨

13. Awesome presentation- thought provoking

14. Phil, your presentation on limitations was amazing. I have a young son with autism and I felt like you were speaking right to me. His limitations are a lay-up to an amazing life. I know this to be true! I was not able to grab one of the connect the dots posters, so I would love details on how I could order 1 for him. This is right up his alley!

15. Amazing..

16. I think we had a mic drop moment, Phil. Really great work. Thanks so much.

17. I loved the message and am amazed at your creative mind. Embrace your limitations is very meaningful as my daughter has dealt with neurological challenges. This definitely can be applied as you are trying to change and innovate. I love the art you created from our very amateur art! Thank you!

18. Yes, awesome, at a minimum I will make my kids and my staff watch your Ted Talk. Thanks

19. Fantastic

20. Awesome, great work1!

21. The artwork was amazing and your story is so inspirational I had to share it with my 13 year old daughter. Thank you!

22. Many viewers still today. I took several pictures. A high quality photo for attendees would be great. Reminds me of Abe Lincoln head by Dali. Destroying one's own art, also interesting. We need to learn to always look for the next thing. "Creative destruction" as it were... Tnx!

23. Phil, it was an engaging and inspiring talk, and I loved seeing your creation. I will remember to look for inspiration in limitations. My current work environment feels highly limited and limiting... so it's a ripe opportunity to find creative ways to respond. Thank you for sharing your journey. And yes, the artwork you shared in your presentation was delightful.

24. Phil, your presentation was inspiring and the artwork was simply amazing. While our role in creating that was so simple, it's truly an honor to be a part of it! Thanks for sharing your story with us. I'm taking inventory of my limiting beliefs and thinking about what I can do to turn them into strengths.

26. Hey Phil - I found my art in your art at the Forum. Thank you for sharing your talent in such an inspirational way.

27. The keynote was elegant, engaging, and down right awesome. I've seen other artists at keynotes but you connected and the best part was my journey. Wonderful layers and to get that many people following directions amazing.

28. Your work and message were extremely powerful. I definitely will be sharing this with my team. Any resources you are willing to share would be appreciated.

29. Thanks, Phil. Really enjoyed your work at the Forum in Florida...nice job on the Mandela mosaic...pretty great!

Technology industry Audience

1. Amazing! Simply amazing!

2. It was an awesome experience!

3. Overwhelming positive response. There is always a crowd of 4-6 All day viewing the art. Attendees are talking on your talents

4. That was one of the best presentations I've ever seen. Compelling, thoughtful, and fun. Thank you!

5. Great session. Best of the entire conference...

6. I really connected with your message. And I really like the finished piece.

7. Personally I left when the drawing started - but the end result is amazing and such a great example of contribution. My husband did pointalism for years until it was touch on his eyes. Anyway well done! Enjoyed your presentation and story!!

8. I thought the art work was incredible. My father was an artist and very successful. I have a deep appreciation for your artistic ability.

9. There Have been huddles around the art on every break...people that don't know each other helping to find each others name and artwork. It has become a living communication catalyst! It was so much fun and such an exciting experience.

10. Great life lesson/perspective. Thank you for sharing. The art participation element is very cool. I've heard lots of attendees ask if anyone knows what you are going to do with this piece of art. Much assumption that it will be destroyed, and much hope it ends up hanging in HQ or some other associated place. Best of luck to you. You are an inspiring leader.

11. I thought it was incredible!!!

12. The Mandela collage is amazing!!

13. Amazing work! Very impressive.

14. I really enjoyed your key note which had a great message. Also you are an amazing artist!

15. It was great! The message and story was outside of the regular 'tech talk' that we get, and thus more connective. I was humbled to be a part of your art and thank you for that experience.

16. Phil - your presentation was one of the best experiences at the conference. I've asked my wife and children to watch your TED talk. You clearly have a God-given tallent.

17. Hi Phil - it was wonderful! The picture of Nelson Mandela is remarkable. It's just hard to get near it because of the crowds surrounding it! I took a lot away - about working through and with and into obstacles and challenges, about stepping back to view the whole, about not becoming attached to our own creations. Thank you!

18. I really enjoyed the talk. Very inspirational! I was also impressed with the interactive art creation! I was not expecting that. I have already sent your website to my 10 year old aspiring artist daughter. She is already planning her next creation inspired by you

19. Outstanding Phil! You were the talk of the conference!

20. Beyond amazing! Still baffled with how you were able to take 1000s or paper and visualize and create what you did. It's down to the shading and embracing the shake 😊

21. Art was amazing and I loved your presentation

22. Truly enjoyed your presentation. Laughed out loud several times. Embrace the shake is truly inspirational.

23. Wow, that was fun and collaborative. The output was extraordinary and became a focus of conversation (ice breaker) with my peers. Great experience! I highly appreciate your art and talent. Bill

24. Awesome workshop. Wonderful message. Step parent of high functioning autistic teenager. Some of his "limitations" can be embraced and harnessed into strengths. Inspiring. Thanks so much!!

25. I loved your presentation. I sponsor a employee resource group for people with visible and non visible disabilities. Your message is so powerful and I cannot wait to share it with others.

26. Amazing work. Extremely creative. Very interesting. Did you utilize all the one-inch squares that the audience created?

27.It was amazing! I have shared your site with my mother in law (she is an artist). Folks at the conference were in awe of your work.

28. That was a really cool experience. As someone who can't write their name legibly, being part of a piece of art was something I never thought possible.

29. Reminded me of Chuck Close, whose art I love.


1. I thought it was very well done. What will become of Einstein? Will he be burned, cut up or hung in the NY headquarters?

2. Awesome presentation! Really enjoyed it. You have some really creative work.

3. Phil, Great presentation and I am very impressed with your vision and creativity. Maybe, instead of destroying your energy (the art work), start donating your works to people who are less fortunate or charities. It might just inspire someone else to follow their dreams and think beyond what is and start thinking what if. Just saying Thanks, Paul

4. Amazing you are amazing

5. It was very interesting and thought provoking. I loved seeing how all our squares put together could be made into a bigger vessel of meaning. It was fun and a nice change of pace from our typical presenters who are not nearly as captivating or as genuinely passionate about their enterprise. Great to learn something applicable on a larger level, cross-industry. And great to see someone who is so passionate about his work and so pleased to be creating/sharing it with others. Thank you!

6. You are awesome! I really appreciated your presentation and your art. Thank you! Keep creating! I did hate to see you destroy the Kurt Cobain piece, though. 😌

7. Nice job yesterday and today. You are an amazing artist and presenter. Great work!


1. Hi, it was a fantastic presentation... I've reflected back on it several times. I was one of the lucky people who has one of the dot to dot projects. I'm trying to think of an amazing way to work on it as a team. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future! Cheers, Abby

2. Your art examples were all exemplary and I don't know how you would cull one or two to make it a little shorter. In addition, this presentation would be excellent for our patients and perhaps most beneficial for children with disabilities. I enjoyed you very much and found what you had to say very valuable for my own life.

3.Thank you very much for your presentation and your work. The topic was very relevant to everyday work in O&P

4. You're talk was amazing. I cried when the young woman who had list her hair shared. I didn't know what to expect, you exceeded all my expectations. I was empowered to look beyond my norms and empowered to ask, "what if?" Thank you

5. What a great presentation and story. Your a very talented artist. It was a pleasure!

6. Amazing! Really!! I'm NOT artistic at all, and for the first time you have me thinking about how to use a side of my brain that I typically shut down, but for the betterment and enrichment of accepting what I can't change. Thank you for the challenge! Do you have your presentation recorded? 7. felt like you were talking directly to me... \nThank you for sharing \nYour message was certainly received \n\n

8. Really enjoyed your talk. It got me thinking of my own life and what barriers I impose on myself. Thanks again. So what's happening with all those torn up cards? Joe

9. FANTASTIC! Not only is your art thought provoking but it also kicks butt!! And as a father of an artist I've always tried to encourage him to keep drawing!!! Thanks for your message as well!!!

10. Your presentation was fantastic. Very inspiring to me personally. And sharing it with my wife now. She is a professional artist as well. Can't wait to show her some more of your work

11. I thought your presentation was inspirational, thank you for your insight

12. Very Inspiring !! Thank you for sharing your story, talent, and your gift. 🙏

13. Great job. Keep preserving, keep creating and keep inspiring. Thank you

14. I enjoyed it! Wish both my college aged children were here to see it.

15. Loved the artwork!

16. Your presentation was phenomenal! You hit it out of the park, truly amazing and inspirational !! Keep it up !


Formal review from client: Phil was terrific, perfect for this audience. He received a standing ovation which doesn’t happen that often! People were in awe of his talent. I think he will get some commissioned work out of this from some of the retailers! He couldn’t have been easier to work with. We will be in touch regarding future bookings.


1. Your presentation was engaging, interesting, your pieces are powerful, it was emotionally impacting, and your presentation was clear, concise and organized. It was a perfect presentation from presentation standpoint in my eyes. Just know your message is moving and your skill and dedication is inspirational!

2. You were outstanding. Thank you so much.

3. Great presentation! Sad I missed one of the posters :( (I give away posters at the event)

4. It was wonderful. I live in Minneapolis too. Would love a chance to connect back there if you are able.

5. Your talk was truly inspiring for so many reasons, and I know that you're truly looking for some constructive feedback, but I thought everything about it was great. The perfect mix of talking, visual aides, anecdotes, revelations and video. The note I would give is purely selfish - I wish you had more of your prints to give out. I would have loved one. I spoke to you afterwards about my friend who does mechanical and 3D installations - his name is Barry Freedland- you should look him up. I think you would appreciate how he also looks at things through a slightly different lense. Thank you again for an inspiring talk at a time in my life when I'm trying to figure some stuff out.

6. The only feedback I have is: if you live or are in mpls, I live there and would love to connect! I'm an artist at heart and really appreciated your talk

7. ❤️❤️❤️ so awesome and inspiring.

8. Really enjoyed the presentation!

9. You were great Phil, so inspiring. You are truly a brilliant mind! We are from Minneapolis as well (women's retailer). Would love to talk about collaboration/installations, let me know 

10. Phil, that was an incredible story. Your talent is off the charts! As the Mother of a boy (now 18) diagnosed with Aspergers at age 2, our story is triumphant as well. Your message resonated with me. Bring on the limitation!

11. I enjoyed it! Wish both my college aged children were here to see it.

12. Inspiring! Wish I could have spoken to you personally.

13. Unreal stuff up there. Loved it!!


1. LOVED your presentation and life perspective. Thank you for sharing!

2. It was awesome! I was engaged from the first word to the last! So glad I didn't miss this one!

3. You did a wonderful job! Very inspiring for anyone stuck with their own limitations!

4. Thanks for today. It was a moved - an appointed time by God. I was spoken to ...

5. Truly beautiful story! I especially love how you incorporate other people's experiences into your art. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us today!

6. I really enjoyed your presentation. Great job. I was inspired and plan on applying that message to a big decision I have coming up.

7. Fantastic!

8. Great presentation Phil! Loved the transformation videos of your art work. Drill home more of the point that you 'bring about what you think about'. If you think you have limitations, you will.

9. It was an awesome presentation. You did a great job and really inspired us. Thank you!!

10. Your story is truly inspiring. The hour flew by. I admire and am amazed by your creative mind and spirit. Your ailment gave you every opportunity to fail and lose your way. When in actuality you discovered and now share with the world your pure true artistic self. And it truly is AMAZING. Thank you!

11. Was really helpful. Made me think.have already used it today in negotiations

12. Really enjoyed it! You did a great job and inspired me to think inside the box:) You have an amazing talent and I encourage you to keep creating!

13. Loved it! Very inspiring

14. It was awesome, truly truly inspiring. Wished I could have had my entire sales force there to hear it. 15. Excellent excellent presentation!

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