Connect the Dots - Most. Dots. Ever.

When I was a kid I would often spend hours with my brothers copy of the Guinness Book of World Records. I would dream of being in that book. When I was in second grade we had a foreign exchange student from Finland named Hannu and he could juggle a soccer ball with his feet for a few minutes and I thought maybe I could learn how to do that! But I was lazy and didn't get very far. As the years went by, getting a world record felt like an amazing and kinda silly idea. Well, a few years ago, I got commissioned to create an artwork, I pitched 3 ideas and they chose to the idea of creating an artwork that would be crowed as the Guinness World Record for most dots in a connect the dots. At first I

Filming through Kaleidoscope

Hey! The other day I was in Half Price Books and saw a kaleidoscope and wondered what it would look like to film through it while drawing. Granted this could be more easily done with an app but there was something about the physical process that seemed interesting. So, two tripods were setup. One held the kaleidoscope and the other held the camera. Got the kaleidoscope about an inch from the surface and began filming. I was surprised how much a physical kaleidoscope added to the visual. 1. The center is in focus and it gets blurry outside of that 2. The edges of the viewing area got darker 3. Because there's a glass ball in the tip of the kaleidoscope, everything is distorted. All of these a

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