When I was 7 (the artwork)

This project took all of 2017 to create. It was an amazing amount of time that went into it. It's was also an amazing amount of stories that went into it, over 600. I found myself, as many people did over the last few years hearing about the war in Syria. I have always struggled (in a certain sense) to understand war as I've grown up without a war on our soil. It's difficult to imagine a military or other group coming through Minneapolis and just demolishing it. So as the news feed continuously put the Syrian war in front of me, the one story that struck me most was reading about Bana Alabed. She was a 7 year old girl that was live tweeting her war experience from Aleppo during the worst of

When I was 7 (the book)

Being able to hear and share memories with people during the "When I Was 7" project was a meaningful experience. When I would talk about this project with others, share interesting stories that people had shared with me, it would spark new conversations. That was why this book came together. I wanted other people to have this experience of discussing a time in life that isn't discussed often. Usually we look back at our childhood as a whole or look at a few powerful memories. The delight of picking a specific age is it forces you to look in more detail at the things that were happening in your life at that point. I hope if having a spark for sharing stories interests you that you'll consider

A beautiful guitar

A while back I met up with a guy from Craigslist. Seems like a lot of great stories could start with that line. ha. Anyway, the guy had a Fender guitar that I was looking to buy. I drove out to his house and found him bored to death because he was taking some time off of work for a thrown back or a bum knee I don't remember. But he was chatty. He showed me the guitar but wouldn't let me hold it. He pointed out some of the pieces on it that he had made, he was a machinist by trade and put his work into his passion. We talked for a bit, he found out I didn't play and was curious why I was buying the guitar. Think I said something about being an artist and am planning a project. He probably ass

Something I’ve been messing with recently.

Automatic writing has always been interesting to me. Just let the mind flow and see where it goes. But I needed a little more structure than that. So I created these gridded sheets (made by hand) then designed an animation and translated it into the book. Then I let the writing flow. The result is an animation of a bird flying (duck in this case). There’s more of these coming. I’ll make a more formal video in a bit. Music is by Vincent Augustus https://soundcloud.com/vincentaugustus

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