Goodbye Art 2

I've been thinking about the original Goodbye Art series a bit recently. There was one issue I always had with that series, which was as the series progressed I found myself not putting in full effort (because I was going to destroy it anyway). I learned some important lessons no doubt but that one piece always nagged at me. So now I'm starting Goodbye Art 2. This time around I am going to be creating works that in my opinion should not be destroyed. I'll even have a few that I think really really shouldn't be destroyed, for those works I will put it up to a vote, destroy or preserve. Because sometimes in life we don't get to choose what happens to the important things around us. I have a lo

Cookies of War

Something horrible into something playfully palatable. I've been drawn to Goya's Disasters of War etchings for quite some time. They are horrifying and beautiful. Clearly what Goya saw needed to be removed from him. Scenes from videos of modern war have stuck themselves in my mind but they felt too real to revisit. The hope of this project was to take pictures that are hard to look at and make them almost lovely.

Your story is now being written.

This project has now finished and will be posted in the next few weeks. If you have participated, thanks so much and I really look forward to sharing it with you. Please consider ordering the book here! This experience of reading and sharing stories has been such an amazing experience. I find many more memories from my childhood sparked by reading other people's stories. Trying to find a way to share this experience with others has resulted in compiling the stories into book form. Naturally, names and dates of a sensitive matter will be changed but other than that they will be unaltered. The stories span quite the range: - when i was 7, i walked out to my swing set to find a snake curled up

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