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phil hansen

VM: 651-321-4996

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Earth Post Mortem

Earth Post Mortem
Sticks on canvas
3 x 3 feet

Victorian death photos (posed photographs with the recently deceased) were recreated with sticks for this series Earth Post Mortem. The series questions how history will view our modern day practice of people traveling to the world's vanishing natural treasures in order to witness it first hand before it is forever gone.

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Earth Post Mortem

When I was 7

600 stories from when people were 7 years old
Pen and Ink

Earth Post Mortem


Impression Sports

11 images of moments in sports made with fingerprints

Averaging 10x10 inches 

Usain Bolt

MJ Wings

Babe Didrickson

Babe Ruth

Phelps 8th Gold

Fosbury Flop

The Catch


4 Minute Mile

Cookies of War

Cookies of War

13 x 15 inches

Sugar Cookie and Cocoa

Poems in Poets

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