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phil hansen

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Sitting in our future alone

A DSC02134.jpg

Sitting in our Future Alone (aka Skull Chair)
Boards, Glue, Screws
5 x 5 x 5 feet

Creating a space that captures both the beauty of the natural world and simultaneously the horrors that our collective human future holds was challenging. Ending up creating a chair is something I never would have suspected. I’ve never built a piece of furniture before and beyond the obvious engineering challenges was the question of “Would the creation cause the experience I was wishing for?”.

The feeling of entering this chair is like few others. When you approach, you are confronted with the fragmented face of the skull. The sharp edges, the delicate zygomatic process and the beautifully curved empty eye sockets are ever present.

A DSC02114.jpg

It is then that you must drop to all fours and squeeze yourself under its jaw and twist your body around to find the seat. Then a different experience begins. Inside you find a 360 view of natural wood, a place to rest your drink, the outside lights create a soft muted glow inside, and your voice bounces back into you making you more self aware.


Whether the work provokes the viewer to imagine beyond the 24 hour cycle of life or is simply a quiet refuge from the outside world, I’ll be happy.


Expressions is a series exploring the 21 human facial expressions plus a couple odd ducks. More to come.

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Angry GIF.gif
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Expression Fearful GIF.gif
Angrily Surprsided.gif
Angrily Disgusted GIF with text.gif
Disgusted GIF with text.gif
Sad GIF with text.gif
Awestruck GIF with text.gif
Hate-Filled GIF with text.gif
Happily Surprised GIF with text .gif
Surprised GIF with text.gif

Kurt Cobain

Where's the line

Title: Where's the line

Material: Ink on paper

Measures 90 x 90 inches

Guinness World Record: Most Dots in a Connect the Dots Puzzle, there are 52,901 dots. Over 300 hours, a boat load of patience, and help writing the tiny numbers created this massive work. To print your own (nearly full size) check out the info at the bottom of this page. Discover more about this project on the blog.

Over 1,700 votes were cast when I asked you to choose if this project should be preserved or destroyed. And while the conclusion was to preserve, those who wanted to keep it only won by 3%. I nearly took an electric sander to this piece. If you would like the opportunity to vote on other projects please sign up for the mailing list.

Print your own

This is what you will need to print your own massive connect the dots picture.

1. Find a printshop that can print a file 24 inches wide by 85 inches tall. You will want to print from a roll of paper and print black and white. FedEx Office has this ability as do most print shops.

2. Download the files below. The image is separated into 4 files that will need to be printed and taped together.

3. This will cost about $60 to print and could easily be more depending on the print shop.

If you are printing this, please send me a picture of it on your wall! And send me some pictures along the way. Even if you don't finish it, I'd love to see it. FYI taping together the 4 pieces is pretty straight forward but it is a precise and delicate process.

The print is on the right. It's big.

Ansel Adams

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