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TED Conference Long Beach California 2013
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"Phil Hansen is a remarkable artist who turned a
nearly tragic disability into a fountain of creativity. I
was so inspired by his story that I invited him to
share it with the thousands of creatives we brought
together at MAX 2013, Adobe’s premiere Creativity
Conference. His talk truly resonated with our
- David Wadhwani, SVP of Digital Media, Adobe

"Phil will wake up your employees in a way you as a
leadership team cannot".
- Lars Dalgaard, CEO of SuccessFactors,
Executive Board Member of SAP

"Phil gave the audience at our evening Art
Educators of Minnesota Conference reception a
presentation that left the room with a flurry of
excitement, new ideas and energy. The results were
inspired production, thinking and conversation by
their students."
- Jeff Pridie - President - Art Educators of

"Phil's talk was clever, creative, interactive, and
above all, meaningful. While he spoke specifically
about the freeing role of destruction in his artistic
process, the audience couldn't help but think about
letting go just a little bit in our day to day lives, too."
- Brooke Scheyer, CIW Director of Programming
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