All of these people or objects representing people have influenced my life in some
way.  Some have had an artistic influence and others had an impact in different
parts of my life.
Georges Seurat

He was an artist that impacted me early on.  His
fragmentation of images led me where I am today.  
Jeremiah Vocke

We were good friends all through high school and spent a
lot of time drawing and hanging out which inevitably affected
aspects of my adult life.
Mao Yasui

After I spent about three years doing very little art she
pushed me to get started again. The first large scale
drawing I did was directly because of her.  
Oli Newsome       

A psychology professor that got me thinking in different
ways about life, what it is, and why we do the things we do.
Stephen Hawking

He affected my outlook on life.  He made me think about
what life is and what I should do with it.
Camille Hansen

Being around her has influenced my ideas about children;
when I should have kids and how to raise them.
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