Goodbye Art is coming back
I am finding myself at ease with my current situation and having interest,
time, and desire to get back to Goodbye Art.  This piece is the only one I
will do this month, but I will start back full time in January.  I will do
3-4 pieces each month.  I don't want to push it like I did before, that was
why I got burned out.  I hope you all come back and begin to follow the
work again.  I have some fun ideas for January.  Anyway, onto the art!
This is my version of a Cheese Log for Christmas.  I used 32 cans of
cheese to make it happen.  It is now frozen solid.  ha!
This is to help me be more
creative and spontaneous.  

Goodbye art means that I
get rid of the piece when
it is finished, usually by
destroying it or letting
nature destroy it.